Energy conservation -Need of the hour

Man is intervening in the nature right from ancient times and one of the main need is energy. Human beings have been exploiting nature in different ways. The non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum products and sources of energy such as nuclear energy are being exploited since times. 

   The exploitation had reached its utmost level and now we are facing the shortage of energy. The term energy crisis refers to  A situation when there is a decrease in production and increase in demand for energy. 

  The usage of energy had not only lead to the depletion of energy sources but it is also causing environmental pollution. 

  This is a usual topic and readers might not be so influenced. But I would like to ask a question to you. Did you change yourself by accepting the fact which is now a big question mark before the world? 

  One thing for our relief is that people are becoming aware about it and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy. Even many countries are promoting the use of renewable sources of energy. 

  Renewable energy sources are eco-friendly. So it will not cause any harm to nature. Renewable energy sources can be used many times. 

  They are also known as green energy or sometimes clean energy. Petroleum products, nuclear energy, etc. are known as brown energy. 
  We have to take the initiative to save the world. The change lies within you. Be the change you expect from others. 

  Come friends, let’s take an initiative to save our world. Show your support by liking this post. 


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