The danger of a single story 

This was the title of a chapter in my 10th standard English text book. It was about the speech of Nigerian writer Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie. In it she says about the danger of a single story. Her thought about a boy named Fide was proved wrong when she visited her home. She also shares the experience of her American roommate after knowing her in detail. The last statement made by her is commendable. She told that “The problem of stereotypical stories are not that they are unreal, but they are incomplete.”

   This kind of speech can change the thought of anyone. It had changed my point of view towards many situations and people who are a part of my life. Hope it can influence the thought of all. If we can influence the thought of a person, then we are blessed. We have to use that talent to change the world and fight against inequalities in our society.  


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