The moment when I got full A+

And finally came that day-May 5. This day has great importance in my life. My 10th standard results were going to be announced at 2pm. On the last few minutes, my heart beat became faster and faster. The result is published online. When I searched for my results I was unable to access that because of poor internet connection. Then one of my cousins said that I have scored full A+ in the exams. I couldn’t believe my ears. Then, after some time she whatsapped me my results. My happiness grew no bounds. I ran to my school. My principal and all the teachers congratulated me for my victory. Finally, I had fulfilled their dreams and expectations. 

   One thing which made me sad was the result of my best friend Aarya. She scored A+ in all subjects except maths. I knew that some students who are not deserving also got full A+.

  Anyway, I am happy for my results,but Not enjoying. Because I know it’s only a beginning. There are many goals which I have to achieve. Thank you. 


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