An open letter to my mother

To my dear mom, 

  Behind every successful person there will be a lady. It’s true. You are the woman behind my success. I know I am the one whom you love the most in the world. I’m your world. I know that your happiness lies in my success and the you trust me a lot. You gave me all happiness in the world keeping aside your feelings. Thank you so much. 

  I love and trust you most in the world. You know that I like you more than my papa. 

  You are always a good mother, sister, and a good friend. You supported me whenever I felt myself alone. You gave me the inspiration to achieve my goals for life. 

   My mom, I could gain respect in the society and preform well in my studies all because of you. 

   You are the one who is happier than me in my victory. 

   My mom, I’m sorry that I hurt you at many instances. I had broken your trust. You are the one who heard my shouting with ultimate patience. I’m sorry for that. 

My mom, I’m sorry for all the mistakes I had done. I thank you for making me feel proud, to be a respectable person. 

   I write this letter to apologize for all my mistakes. To thank you for making me. 

                   With lots of love and respect  ,

                                         Your son 


7 thoughts on “An open letter to my mother

  1. The fact that you attribute the credit of all your success to your mother is praiseworthy. A good post. 🙂


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