Boys should stand against the mistakes of men

In our society, there is a false notion of blaming girls for every incident in their life. Many times the mistakes will not be done by them then also they are blamed. 

   But this is totally different in case of men. If they does any mistake, no one blames them. They can live freely, enjoy their life and all the privileges of the society are enjoyed by them. 

  Many of them think that they had got the license to play with girl’s life because they are born as boys. 

   We all say that ‘we have to save them and ask men to stop their atrocities and bla bla………

    But I ask you people a question. 

Why shouldn’t boys stand up against the mistakes of men???????

   If we men decide to fight against this and to ensure protection to ladies, then that place will become the heaven of earth. 

   The realisation that all girls and women are our mother, sister, and daughter will stop our minds from thinking wrong about them. 

   Make respect by giving a feeling to the women that you are their brother, father, or son. 

   It needs a lot of courage. If you have that courage, then work for it. 

Those who think I am right please like this post and share this post so that it can reach to maximum people. 


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