Science is for the progress of humanity 

Science is for the progress of humanity 

Hi friends, I’m back with yet another post. 

   The wonders of science and technology are yet not unlocked completely. Scientists are inventing new things everyday. The list of contributions of science start from the brush and paste we use to the food we eat. The progress of science leads to the progress of humanity.  

   But, often science is used for malpractices. The history has witnessed the disasters caused by science. One of the greatest example is the atom bomb

  Einstein would never had thought of the consequences of formula- E=mc2. I’m sure that he he’d never wished the massacre which happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

The story of sadako sassakki is familiar to us. 

  Bio wars is the modern form of misuse of science. Preparing disease causing germs by genetic engineering ,one can destroy the financial and Health sectors and ruin the whole country. 

   Computer viruses is another example for the malpractice of science and technology. 

   My dear fellow bloggers and friends, all I have to say science is for the progress of humanity and it should be used for that. There are many wonders of science which are to be discovered. 

   Please do share the message about my blog and work for those who are the victims of the terrific effects of Science. 

Please do comment about your views. 

Thank you……………. 



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